Contaminated land Reclamation

Management and coordination of contaminated land and structure reclamation procedures

Contaminated land reclamation
 Safe isolation procedures
 Land reclamation and off-site operations.
  - Off site operations - stated in the final project - such as excavations, internal operations, arrangement of deposit areas, coordination of waste transfer to facilities authorized for specific treatments, storage, thermal desorption, transfer to final plants, renovation of the areas where excavations take place.
  - On site land biological treatment with controlled amounts of bacteria and enzymes (biopila); treatment with authorized inertisation methods, mobile thermal desorption plants
 On site land reclamation with the best available technologies.

Contaminated groundwater reclamation
Groundwater absorbing wells
Well-point systems
Water pumping and treating
Air sparging

Underground cisterns reclamation and dismantling
 Tightness tests.
 Reclamation and interisation.
 Cisterns demolition and water jet cutting.
 Soil and subsoil decontamination.
 Site regeneration and improvement works

Industrial plants and buildings safe demolition
Concrete and iron structures safe demolition with the aid of excavators of various dimensions supplied with pincers and shears.
Volumetric reduction, regeneration or disposal of materials deriving from demolition sites with the aid of crushing machines or portable trommels
Strip out procedures preliminary to industrial sites demolition or recovery

  • ...Dismissione impianto industriale